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Illicit Narcotics Smuggling

Smuggling routes and operations identified

In October 2022, NAVCENT’s local Department of Defense (DoD) Rewards Program tip line received actionable information on movement of illicit narcotics through international waters near the Strait of Hormuz, with sales proceeds intended for funding terrorist organization activity.

NAVCENT received specific information from an anonymous individual about certain dhows, the personnel aboard, details about the illicit narcotics on board and of the potential of weapons being transported.

The tip resulted in NAVCENT gaining awareness of specific smuggling routes, first-hand knowledge of smuggling operations, and increased understanding of the illicit transportation process. 

The information provided by the tipper will mitigate future risk to regional U.S. and Coalition Forces. For the information and assistance provided, the individual will receive a $5K USD DoD reward payment.

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